ISRP 2002 abstract

Presenter/author Title Abstract

Berryann, Roland
, Richard
Zhuang, Ziqing

National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA


Setting the Respirator Research Agenda Every day millions of American workers rely on personal protective equipment and other protective technologies to reduce the occurrence of disease, injury, and death at work. To focus resources on this important issue, NIOSH established a new laboratory, the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL). A substantial portion of NPPTL’s resources will be devoted to respiratory protection. Three basic functions of the NPPTL respirator research program were identified: (1) developing performance tests and setting performance standards for the respirator certification program; (2) developing a scientific basis for making recommendations on practical respirator use; and (3) performing research and development activities in the areas of performance criteria, new technologies, and new products. To implement these three basic functions, the NPPTL respirator research program emphasizes the following eight priority areas: (1) development, evaluation, and validation of performance tests; (2) face size/shape characteristics; (3) assigned protection factors; (4) air-purifying element; (5) respiratory physiology; (6) development of new products; (7) respirator use surveillance; and (8) recommendations for responders of terrorism situations.